I have been hooked on taking pictures ever since I was a kid using a 110 Kodak Instamatic (with snap on flash cube) into the 80s when I got my “cutting-edge” Kodak Disk camera in middle school. In high school, I moved on to a 35mm film point and shoot and stuck with that for a while. During my senior year at Fairfield University, I took a black & white photography class and had a blast experimenting with a 35mm film SLR. I was very sad to have to give it back at the end of the semester, but thankfully, my mom had recently gotten a Pentax SLR with a 35-50mm lens and let me use it.

In the late 90s, I got another “cutting-edge” piece of technology, the Kodak Advantix camera. During the summer of 2001, I spent 2 weeks in Europe, working and exploring in Luxembourg City, then traveling to Munich, Salzburg and Paris. Using the point & shoot, Advantix and my mother’s vintage Pentax, thirty-six rolls of film later, I had completely fallen in love with travel and architecture photography. Following that trip, I got my own Pentax 35mm film SLR. I spent the next few years being personal paparazzi to my friends and family, taking pictures of everything that moved (and most of what didn’t).

Around that time, digital cameras were starting to appear on the scene, but I resisted, thinking that not having film in the camera would take away from the “true nature” of photography. However, in 2002, I bought a new computer that came with a free digital camera. I treated it like a toy and it took pictures with resolution of a whopping 3 megapixels. It was convenient to have, but I still stuck with my film camera for my “serious” photography. As time went on, I found myself using the digital camera more and more often. It was easier to use and print pictures and far less expensive.  As a fan of instant gratification, I loved getting an idea what my photographs looked like right away, no longer having to wait for them to be sent away, developed and returned.

What fun I had! From then on, there was no stopping me. I have subsequently upgraded 3 times and now shoot with a Nikon D80 and D90 and an array of lenses. I also have a Nikon P510 for those occasions when I do not want to lug around all the lenses and equipment associated with DSLRs.

I have created this blog to share my favorite shots from my photographic adventures while also being able to tell the stories that go along with the pictures. I like being able to customize what I share a little more than a generic photo site.

I hope you enjoy my pictures. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts and/or advice. I am always open to new ideas and love to hear what other photographers, both amateur and professional, think of my work.

Thanks for visiting. Please come back again and bring your friends! 🙂


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  1. Hi Karen, I’m a friend of your mom’s, avid gardner, Verizon escapee. Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your pictures and comments of your trip to Hawaii. Pictures are gorgeous and I’m enjoying the narrative accompanying them. So glad those snails are not in my garden. Looking forward to your additional posts.

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